02/02/2006 - International Herald Tribune 14 December 2005

Despite the bird flu, Charoen Pokphand Food has enjoyed a successful year in 2005. Net profit in the first three quarters amounted to 148 millions USD, nearly three times the net profit for the whole of 2004 and more than 50 percent better than the previous best year of 1999.
Few could have predicted this year's performance in early 2004, when the impact of avian flu seemed to confirm many of the firm's worst initial fears.
One of the main reason for this success is the the focus on the food safetyness. Charoen Pokphand Food has made a vertical integration a cornerstore of its strategy.
Charoen Pokphand Food is confident of the outlook to have drawn up a five-year plan that aims for sales growth of 10 percent to 15 percent a year to 2010, when its targets revenue of more than 200 billion baht.




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