CPF Europe Ltd, formerly called CP Belgium, was founded in Waterloo in 1979 and has liaising offices in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland, as well as a joint-venture company in England.

Its turnover was 90 million euros in 2004.

Its main role is to promote and distribute CP Foods products throughout the entire European market.

CPF Europe proposes a large range of products (chicken, duck, shrimp and fish) available in semi-processed and processed form.

A/ Basic:

raw or cooked shrimp
(Vannamei, Black Tiger), raw fish (Tilapia), cooked chicken and duck prepared in various ways (steamed, fried, roast, crumbed...)

B/ Semi-finished:

seafood dim sum (steamed, fried, crumbed), chicken pieces, chicken kebabs (yakitori),
cooked and/or
roast duck fillet

C/ Finished:

"Thai Thai"
ready-cooked meals
made from shrimp,
fish or chicken.

The scope of CPF Europe is not exclusively limited to this product range.

Other products may be added, which are prepared and packaged according to the client's demand.

CPF Europe offers customized service that is worthy of the group's philosophy, the "World Kitchen".

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