Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more concerned with the safety of food. CP Foods has always been pro-active in this respect and invested very substantially in quality control, so as to offer consumers the very best products. This is one of the reasons why CP Foods stands out from other producers.

Its vertical integration production system allows for 100% traceability and food safety levels compliant with the demands of the European Union.

Each step is severely monitored. Such strict controls are carried out during the production of animal feed, the breeding process (chicken, duck, shrimp), slaughter, manufacture of semi-finished and finished products, freezing and transportation.

All operations are carried out within a 50-kilometer radius, using computer systems to ensure the production is monitored in minute detail, thus avoiding any possible risk of contamination.

Thanks to this control and reliability system, the group has earned the following certificates:
BRC: British Retail Consortium
GMP: the Good Manufacturing Practices
HACCP: Hazard Analysis and critical Control Point
ISO 9002: rendering the implementation and production systems traceable, based on detailed documentation.
ISO 14001: respect for the environment.
ISO 18001: involves the safety and well-being of employees.
HALAL Certification: Certification: concerns the chicken processing plants, ensuring they meet the demands of Muslim consumers.
Animal Welfare: concerns the chicken processing plants. The operators are required to ensure the welfare of chickens during the breeding period.

With its "World Kitchen" concept, the group aims to put its skills and experience to use in order to best meet each client's specific needs, with a view to becoming the world leader in food distribution.

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